14 Hilarious Marriage Proposals That Will Give You Cold Feet

If your life is anything like mine, you now have no less than 20 companions who as of late got drew in since New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. That is to say, it’s cool for them that everything is working out so well, yet it is difficult to be glad for other individuals when my specialty is the amount of pizza I can eat while orgy watching something I don’t care for on Netflix.

It isn’t all terrible, however. Fortunately, there are minutes like these to advise me that occasionally even other people’s cheerfully ever after doesn’t go as arranged from the very begin.

These 14 proposition are sufficient to make me believe that I’m great with my pizza, inspired by a paranoid fear of being photobombed — or more regrettable, because of a paranoid fear of having the proposition illuminated in chicken strips.

1. Good idea in theory, horrible in photos. 


2. When you see it…


3. OK, this is obnoxious. 


4. That is one way to get her to say yes. 


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