12-Year-Old Girl Claims She Sees God Every Day. Now Watch What She Paints…

When Akiane Kramarik was just 4 years old, she left her atheist mother awe-struck when she began to draw pictures of faces, angels, and other little figures. The little girl told her mother that she was seeing visions straight from heaven and that she saw God.

The precious little girl begged her mother to let her have some paint, and from that moment onwards, little Akiana has beenpainting to His glory ever since. What makes this story even more incredible is the fact that Akiane’s mother was a complete atheist and that any mention of Jesus or heaven just never occurred in the household.

The idea of religion was just an afterthought, so when this little girl began to paint amazing pictures, her mother began to gain a newfound faith. As the years passed by the little girl grew in her talents and her interests in multiple arts began to spread. She plays piano, she paints, she draws; its no wonder that Akiana is considered one of the top 20 living artists in the whole world!

Her mother eventually accepted that she had faith in Jesus, and when you view some of Akiana’s stunning portraits you’ll see that this girl isn’t painting from her imagination because she has seen these stunning visuals.

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