12 Babies Who Look Like Other Things

We’ve all run into someone and mistaken them for another person. Or maybe you’ve been staring at someone and realized they resemble an animal. I had a math teacher who looked like an old turtle. It didn’t help that he wore a lot of green and brown clothes, but that’s besides the point. Just because someone resembles something else doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be a bad thing. One of my friends sometimes looks like Nicholas Cage. But he can also pull off Justin Trudeau. Show me where any of that is a bad thing.

But the only thing better than a person looking like something or someone else is a baby looking like someone or something else. Because babies are naturally one of the funniest things out there, here are 12 of them who don’t really look like babies, but we love them anyway.

1. Little Old Man

My, Don Rickles, you look don’t look a day over 75. What moisturizer do you use?


2. Make A Wish

I wonder what kind of dandelion this is, but it’s very cute.


3. Heartbreaker

As handsome as Brad Pitt already? Guard your hearts, ladies.


4. Cabbage Patch Kids come in pairs now!

The resemblance here is so strong, you might mistake her for a doll herself!


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