11-Year-Old Wearing Leggings Gets Pulled Out Of Class Because They’re Too ‘Provocative’

Kimberly Jones of Lansing, Kansas, says that her 11-year-old little girl was pulled out of class for wearing stockings and was told by two individuals from staff that it was on account of “13-year-old young men can’t control themselves around this kind of dress.”

Jones says that her little girl, Bella, wore patterned leggings and a jumper dress on one of her first days at another school. During one class, she was sent to the school office for a “dress code violation.”

The family claim that the school’s nurse measured the jumper dress and said it was too short, despite the fact that Bella was also wearing leggings. She was then made to wear a pair of borrowed sweatpants and claims she wasn’t allowed to phone her mom to bring in something else.

Jones wrote on Facebook that the school’s policy only stated that “clothing that is revealing or is suggestive may not be worn,” but that the very next day, they posted an updated policy banning leggings.

Jones believes that her daughter was made to feel isolated and shamed. She wrote onFacebook:

“If I could come up and bring her a change of clothes, why in the world would you want to humiliate her all day like that?”

“We’re a military family and we just moved here.”

“One of the big heartbreakers for me was that literally all day and the day before she was so excited about school. And then to hear your daughter say, ‘Can I please move?’ It was hard.”

Principal Kerry Brungardt told KSHB:

“We just don’t think it’s dress code appropriate unless it’s worn with a top that meets our dress code protocol, which is six inches from the knee,” said Brungardt. “The dress code for this year and last year basically has not changed. All new parents, this girl’s parents, received the new dress code at our new parent orientation. I even had a discussion with them.”

“We never tell a student they cannot contact their parents. That’s is absolutely false. That message is out there. It’s not true. Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle, at the very least, and people out there have just believed what this parent has said and taken it at face value. And it’s gone like wild fire and that’s very unfortunate. So if I had anything I hoped people would do it’s step back and look at the situation in an adult way and try to consider both sides … If I had known this was gonna be this kind of explosion I probably would have made an exception.”

Jones told KSHB that it was never their intention to violate the dress code:

“We honesty would not have let her wear that if we thought it was gonna be an issue … I’m not against dress codes. Common sense is what needs to be applied here.”

Whether or not she violated the dress code, she shouldn’t be punished because boys “can’t control themselves.”

Source: Distractify

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