11 Robbed After Teens Lure Them To Remote Areas With ‘Pokemon Go’ Game

The new Pokemon Go game is downloadable for free on smartphones and for many people around the world it’s completely addictive and fun. It’s a augmented reality game that incorporates the unique Nintendo characters and can easily consume half of your day without you barely noticing.

If you’ve begun noticing people around your town walking aimlessly in circles while staring at their phones, they just might be playing the new Pokemon Go game. The game places virtual creatures and items in real-world locations, which draws people to locations they might not normally go.


So it may not come as much of a surprise that a sinister side to the game is being exposed as well. In Missouri, almost a dozen people became victims to thieves and police have warned consumers on social media to stay alert at all times.

Three teens as well as a 16-year-old were arrested for armed robbery. They’re accused of using the game to manipulate Pokemon Go players and luring them to remote locations in order to rob them at gunpoint.


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